It could be worse. We could be putting our faith in... "magic."

Let’s All Get Real Pissed About the Roy Oswalt Deal

“Literally” is a such a fantastic word.  I’ll assume we all know what it means so that I don’t have to patronize people with dictionary definitions (“Patronize,” of course, meaning to talk to people as if they’re idiots.)

To say the Phillies are “literally” sacrificing the possibly brilliant future of J.A. Happ, Vance Worley, and/or other(s) is impossible.  We can’t no anything “literally” because we’re talking about the future.  The best idea here is, if indeed this trade goes down, to delve into “Cliff Lee-trade” mode, where we just go numb and accept that a superior arm is calling Philly home, while yes, what we’re sending away could have been pretty important, too.

That’s what I’ll be doing, anyway.

Roy Oswalt, not officially a Philadelphia Phillie, is already receiving the welcome customary for those who are new in town, but are lukewarm about being here.

Aside from the chopped prospects, what else is there to dread?  Did we give up our chance at Cliff Lee in the offseason, inadvertently sending him to the Yankees?  Uh, yeah.  Probably.

But here’s the thing, and there’s really no getting around this:  You can’t win a bidding war against the Yankees.  Sure, Philly may have bee the choice in his heart, but New York’s the choice of his wallet, and in the end, the Yankees, as we all know, devour human hearts and puke on human souls.  Cliff will look atrocious in Yankee pinstripes, but he is a casualty of the largest mistake in recent Phillies history.

Key word being “history.”  Can’t escape it now.

So we hemorrhage the future to snag another ace for the rotation.  It’s not the worst thing in the world.  It certainly doesn’t deserve to be lambasted to all hell.  Frankly, I think its incredible we have any prospects to hand over at this point, and now our rotation houses three legitimate aces.  Yeah, Oswalt’s injury prone and may not gel with the abrasive fanbase.

Well.  To distract you from any trade hangovers, here’s an article about how Jim Bunning thinks Stephen Strasburg is a total pansy.

Thanks for offering more perspective, Jimmy.  You so crazy.  Literally.

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  • bureaucratist

    Justin, you’re basically saying to hope for the best, which is absolutely the best path to take, if you are capable of that level of emotional discipline. Many of us aren’t, though. I’m not sure about me. I’m starting to get excited now that it’s approaching 99% likely. But I’m also not sure it’s that big an improvement over Happ. And I guess my biggest fear–and I lived in Houston until last December–is that Oswalt has been very sheltered. You’ve got to understand how different the fan base there is from Philadelphia. You do not hear booing at Astros games. EVER. Polite clapping is their booing. And so I guess my big fear is that he’ll have a bad game or two, and the fans will get on him, with the inevitable superhero Cliff Lee memories in their heads, and he’ll last out in the press, plus this guy is real hick, I mean REAL HICK. Example: One of the regular features on Astros broadcast in these pre-taped interviews with players (“Spotlight On …”) asking what he would be doing if he weren’t playing baseball. RoyO’s response, huge chaw of tobacco in his mouth, is to look quasi-thoughtful (which on his face looks like paranoia on the rest of us) for a second and then say, “Prolly NASCAR driver.” He’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. without a brain. So a bad outcome seems more likely to me than Oswalt coming in and just dominating, which he is absolutely capable of doing. And it is hard to imagine that the trade won’t give him a jolt, and if we can get a good cycle going …

  • Justin

    He got a great scouting report on the Philly environment from Brad Lidge, whose opinion he really respects for some reason. Which… what else was Lidge going to say. “Ew, god, no don’t come here.” I thought I heard he didn’t want to be somewhere with an aggressive media base, so I was surprised when the deal got so close, especially with Oswalt able to shut it down. Maybe his desire to be with a contender, the same desire that must have been responsible for him to accept the trade will overlap any overreactions, downturns, or hick-isms. Because THAT happens all the time.

  • Julia

    Okay, I’m not condoning or condemning this trade yet (out loud, at least) but all I’m going to say is, I think I hear one too many “ifs” being floated around for the stability of my Phillies comfort level.

    Plus…still love the blog.

  • Rotcod

    Oswalt is 4-0 in post season games, ahem.