Shane: "Well, I'll just have to find some way to out-crazy Jayson so people don't remember the whole 'screaming at a fan' debacle."

Brian Schneider Walkoff Ends Night of Insanity; Fan Abuse

“Get out of the fucking way!” Jayson Werth screamed at the father and young son.

1.  No, it was not “like” the Steve Bartman thing.  Not even close.

2.  I would have shrieked at him too, then again, I shriek at most people on the street who aren’t even doing anything and also I am a dangerous psychopath.

3.  A fan’s reflex is to catch a ball coming toward them.  A player’s reflex is to catch any ball they can.  This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

3.  Jokes relating this to the Werth/Jen Utley rumors = no.  Not for any other reason than simply “not a humorous thing,” for the same reasons no one laughs at George Lopez or a newspaper article about tax reform.

4.  Yeah, he should apologize.  But this is also another casualty of the whole “baseball is a job that happens to be performed in front of a huge audience” thing.  The Phillies needed a win here, and when this happened, it seemed like a fan had reached up and snagged any chance of a W out of the air and given it to his son.  Anybody would be mad if they couldn’t catch a break while desperately needing one.

Jayson was pissed.  We all are. Some people think the worst thing that can happen is “shouting.”

It’s not.

5.  And, because baseball punishes those in search of second chances, I did not see us winning that game.

6.  Maybe our concern should be on why Shane Victorino’s knee jerk reaction to a thrilling victory is to mimic stabbing someone through the torso rather than Jayson Werth being pissed he couldn’t make a play through no fault of his own.

7.  The Good Phight linked to this first but the contrast is pretty hilarious.

8.  Ha ha, okay, yeah, he should definitely apologize.

Phillies 4, Reds 3

When Shane Victorino grows his hair in, you know something is wrong.  He doesn’t look… right.  The top of his head looks charred and strange.

Look, the fact of the matter is, I don’t care.  I don’t care about any of the points I just made, including the out of the blue hair thing.  That was a win, and it was hard fought, and it was important, and if it costs some mulleted scamp the respect of his father and/or scars him for life… that’s baseball.  I think.  I might need to review my definition of the sport.

Meanwhile, Reds starting pitcher Johnny Cueto tried to cover first without a glove and pretty much committed two errors on the same play, Kyle Kendrick went 6.2 without ruining everything, and Ryan Madson got the win.

It was a weird game.

It must have been, considering the Phillies won via a walkoff home run by Brian Schneider in the 12th and I haven’t even mentioned it until now.

As great as the win was (When they kept showing replay of the the last time each Phillies hitter had hit a walkoff when they came to the plate, I kept thinking it was happening in real time and jumped off my bar stool on three different occasions assuming we’d won), with our record at 44-40, three more games to play against Red-hot Reds, most of our luck being used in this first outing, Cliff Lee probably headed for the Yankees, and Jayson Werth being apparently shopped around, this picture probably makes any fan nostalgic for a time when a win wasn’t such a precious commodity.  Now we’re only

This is off topic, but I don’t despise the Braves.  I know, I know.  I thought I was dying too.  I am unbalanced, obsessive, and kind of a stalker–you’d think I ate irrational hatred for breakfast.

Well, you’re wrong.  I just discovered I’m basically out of food, so my breakfast this morning is television.

My point is, every time the Braves beat us, they say something about how the Phillies are still a threat and you’ve got to respect them.  This is, of course, in comparison to the junior high hallway mentality that seems to populate the Mets locker room.

Did Chipper Jones have a reaction to the Phillies getting three extra home games against Toronto?  No.  But ask Jeff Francoeur what he thought and he’ll delve into a[nother] childish tirade, or claim maybe the Phillies should get hurt more.  Of course this is just an excuse to lambast Francoeur.  But its also a great opportunity to say that the Braves, while our rivals, win with some sort of class, or at least, appeasement, while the Mets seem more like a ship full of plague rats scrambling for the last morsel of moldy cheese.

… who are ahead of us in the standings.

Anyways, stop getting so righteous about Werth yelling at a fan, people.  Its an emotional game.  Don’t pretend you’ve never had a bad enough day to shriek in somebody’s face.

I might add that in Philly, “Get out of the fucking way” is the second most popular conversational greeting, behind laying on a car horn for 90 consecutive seconds.

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