Phillies Running Out Of Things That Could Be Turning Points

“I see a whole lot of cockiness, big-headedness and complacency. It’s an every-day process to be good. You don’t take it easy or you slip.”

Charlie Manuel is finally venting.

“…I would never disagree with the manager. The way I look at it is that we’re confident that we are good enough to get out of this rut. From what I see, we’re not complacent.”

Shane Victorino may not know what the word “disagree” means.

“Nine out of 10 doctors agree, however, that yelling, “Get better right now!” at his strained calf won’t accelerate the healing process.”

Paul Hagen thinks there is a doctor out there screaming at people’s muscles.

“What time do the Phillies lose today?”

I am hilarious.

Tumultuous times with the Phillies.  The boat is officially rocked, the words are officially out, a new series has officially started.  Seven hours from now.

So stagnant and and terrible have the Phillies been lately, every break in the action is put under scrutiny:  will this be the turn around?  Will this be the end of the madness?  Will this finally, finally be the return of a Phillies squad that doesn’t have your stomach churning and your teeth clenching with every called third strike?

The hell should I know.  I thought Doc’s perfect game was going to be the end.  Of course, perfect games are seemingly a dime a dozen anymore, so whatever.  Sure, Dallas Braden claims he didn’t deserve to call Roy Halladay and congratulate him on his perfect game, but we all know that it was more likely that nobody would give him Doc’s number anyway.

So, we just sort of sit here and watch what particular disasters will unfold before us today.  The Phillies are a lot of things, but lazy and “complacent” are not words I would have used until very recently.  Apparently, they were sitting around watching Gran Torino before the Braves series finale, so maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I’m just complaining so that I’ll be pleasantly surprised if they turn it around.

Everyone keeps assuring us that the offense will hit, like its this big, inevitable hullabaloo.  And I guess that’s true.  But Charlie’s monologue about cockiness does have a ring of truth to it.  The contracts are getting fatter and success has already been had, so maybe everyone’s taking some time off without leaving the field.

Well, that’s bullshit.  This is baseball.  This about dedication.  All I do is write a stupid blog and I’m posting this terrible update even though I know it will make me late for work.

I’m in New York for the weekend–back Sunday.  Maybe some time apart will be good for us, Phillies.  We should take this time to clear our heads and think about the future of this thing we have.  And who was that woman who answered your phone?  And why haven’t I met any of your friends?

The Padres are somewhat of a reverse-Phillies right now, succeeding where many assumed they would fall face down. Charlie wants to work Brad Lidge in, which hardly seems like the solution to anything, but hey, I’d throw at the first batter’s head three times in a row if I thought it would help.  Maybe it would.  Spark a little rivalry for no reason. Maybe make a guy go blind.

Then again, its Jamie Moyer today, so it would probably be more like a gentle bruising; nothing that gets you a handicapped spot.

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