This is the new face of Philadelphia fandom.

Next Phillies Game to Answer, "What Awful Thing Will Fans Do Next?"

And the “Pukemon” scandal went live yesterday, prompting not only this bit of filler from NBC Philadelphia, but also this much more obvious bit of filler, which at this point is so cliche you don’t even have to read it without knowing exactly what it says.

But what 15-year-old is going to turn around and face the ridiculously drunk and fat idiot sitting behind them at a Phillies game and tell them to stop using vulgar language?  What do you think the repercussions of that will be?

Oh yeah, you’re a cop’s kid.  You don’t have to think about repercussions.

Phillies 8, Marlins 6

Well, wouldn’t you know it, somewhere between Doc’s exit from the baseball match and Ryan Madson’s entrance, somehow five Marlins crossed the plate.  That’s probably the biggest thing to note in this game, other than that Chase Utley rules.  There’s not always going to be a seven-run cushion to fall back on, and a bullpen that can’t handle that isn’t a bullpen that’s going to get far.

Doc killed everybody, and the lineup didn’t let the wet, windy, miserable squall put a damper on things, except every available surface.  Along with Chase, we got to see Placido Polanco so something crazy with his bat, which is starting to get a little ridiculous.

Everybody laughs now, and yeah, call it a win because it is one, but if the bullpen continues any streak of unreliability, we are not a complete team.  And the offense can’t be expected to put the bullpen on its back every time there’s a lead change.

Phils-Fish, 7:05, Citizens Bank Park

Sure, we can pretend we’re satisfied with Cole’ s pitching this year.  But for the most part, its been “acceptable,” not the dominant, angry-faced, yeah-we-lost-Cliff-but-we-got-Cole second in the rotation pitcher. He’s been pitching, and winning, and honestly, thats all we can ask.

Besides, his new pitches aren’t really jiving yet, so whatever.  But The Marlins are going to be a toucher cookie to crumble than any lineup he’s seen so far.  And Ricky Nolasco is on the other side, with his history of mowing down Phillies without mercy in CBP.

This is exactly the kind of start we need a pitcher to come out and be effective, because Nolasco may not be so willing to let Phillies trot across the plate.

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