Irrational Claims/Childish Bickering Leads to Silly Contest

Roommate’s been bragging about Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano combining to be the first 2B/SS combo to each have 200 hits in baseball history.

With nothing to come back with, I obviously I had to challenge him to a bet.

So, now we’re engaged in a season-long battle of the second baseman, as I claim that Chase Utley is the best player in baseball, and Roommate tries to explain that Robinson Cano is better, somehow.  I mean, come on.

Anyway, check out the tab at the top of the screen, or just click this link, and whatever.

We’re calling it the “2nd Base Chase.”  Because that’s a really, really, good name.

And seriously.  Preferred Parking pass to Phils’ home opener.  Just giving it away.  Leave a comment.  All you gotta do.

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