Hey, Lets All Sign a Bunch of Pitchers and Shit

As the Grapefruit League turns from a glorious, juicy young fruit to a rotting chunk of compost, the Phillies decided to sign Josh Fogg, who, like most pitchers I remember hearing of a few years ago, is older than I recall at 33, and Ty Taubenheim, who is… somebody else.

Fogg was long relievin’ in Colorado last year and earned himself a 3.74 ERA.  Which is just peachy, seeing as how bolstering the minors with pitchers who can come out of the bullpen is exactly what the Phillies need to be thinking about, as I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we have a bit of an issue keeping pitchers healthy.

Taubenheim pitched triple-A last year and was all right.  I’m not writing anymore numbers today because BOOOOORRRRING. This isn’t an effing math class and I’m on vacation.  You want numbers and shit, go find Zolecki.  He’ll be more than happy to oblige.

As if you couldn’t tell I’m winging it from today’s headline I thought of in like eight seconds.

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