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Jamie Moyer Shocks Sports World With Resentment for Younger Pitchers

Just when you thought Jamie Moyer was out of bad-ass old man witticisms, he comes roaring back with a diss to blow all you twentysomething mound-divas out of the water.

Jamie pitched the ‘B’ game yesterday, retired everyone except for two batters, picked one of the exceptions off at first, and smacked one of them with the ball.  Then he ran off the field to give an interview on how today’s pitchers are “babied.”

Make sure you go to that link before continuing because it’s a long quote and I’m not taking up my precious blog space with ten paragraphs of ranting, even if it is Jamie Moyer saying something awesome.

Well, I am definitely getting a Jamie Moyer jersey.

It’s like a “When I was your age” speech, but instead of being in the “sitting room” at the nursing home, grandpa has you pinned facedown to the ground with his knee.  If I’m Charlie Manuel, Jamie’s got the starting job, straight up.  Sure, maybe he’ll fail.  But there’s plenty of Phillies you could say that about this year.  It’s barely worth saying anymore.  But what the hell else are we going to blog about?

Jamie’s got the right attitude, and yesterday, he had the right arm, too.  So Kendrick’s getting positive reinforcement from the coaching staff.  That’s good, too, because we need a young alternative–despite what he thinks, Jamie probably won’t be able to pitch forever.

Please note that I said “probably,” because at this point, he’s scaring me a little bit.  Is Jamie Moyer unkillable?  TBOH says yes.

In shutout news, Joe Blanton, that other Phillies pitcher, you know, the one who’s not the new ace, the recovering ace, the old guy proving a point, or the runner-up Rookie of the Year, shut the hell out of the Tigers today for four innings.  After that, David Herndon, Joe Savery, Yohan Flande and Scott Mathieson came in and did the same (God DAMN I want to see Mathieson pitch at the major league level this year).

Shane Victorino continued his “I’m just fine” tour by smacking a pair of singles off none other than Detroit’s nastiest right arm, Justin Verlander, best known for his pants-shittingly unhittable pitch movement.

And just a heads up, I realize his exposure’s been in pretty tight increments, but David Herndon hasn’t allowed a run in any of his four appearances this spring.

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