Why is everyone on this team named "Orange"?

Freddy Guzman is Faster Than Venezuela

Harking back to my earlier post regarding the Phillies signing an ex-Yankee to a minor league contract, and all the  joy I was blue balled in his unrecognizability (UPDATE: Not a word), let me just update by saying that mayhaps it was the Yankees who’s balls will be blue.  With regret.

In a Carribean Series game, Freddy Guzman not only snared three bases in one game, he also managed to score the winning run.  By stealing home.

The roadrunner gave the Domincan Republic’s Escogido a 3-2 win over Venezuela’s Leones del Caracas.

Is it too early to give Ruben Amaro props for this signing?  Yes.  But it’s not too early to give Freddy Guzman props, because apparently, he’s a dust cloud or three away from any base at any time.

Beep, beep.

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