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Arbitration: It Is Done

And Carlos makes three.

For the second year in a row, arbitration is avoided with all eligible Phillies.  I feel at ease.  I’m sure Carlos Ruiz and the Phillies (the people actually… involved… in the process) feel close to the same thing.

Chooch has become a sleeper fan favorite.  He’s quiet.  He hits in the bottom of the lineup.  His pitchers tend to outshadow him, personality wise.  But the dude knows how to manage a game like a champ and I know I’ve mentioned how bad-ass it is that he throws down to first like a kangaroo with a shotgun for an arm.

Who else emotes that kind of imagery in Major League Baseball?  Nobody, that’s who.

It’s a sweet deal, one Chooch more than deserves:  $8.85 million over three years with the choice for a fourth.  We’ve got like twenty catchers coming to Spring Training this year, so the Phils are obviously prepared for the future in this position, but having just exploded his best offensive year all over the postseason, I think fitting Chooch in there with this deal is phenomenal.

Now all we need to do is start playing baseball.  Please.

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