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Nice Try, But Yankees Already Win 2010 World Series

I will say that we definitely are contending for the next few years, Packers.  Especially since Jermichael Finley went ahead and sold his soul to the devil to be able to do some of those things he does on the receiving end of a football.  And I will also say that living in Philly and not being an Eagles fan is like being in one of the rowboats paddling away from the Titanic.

But the road to the Superbowl is paved with teams who just couldn’t get it together, whether it was the defense, or a key turnover, or just an embarrassing inability to catch the ball.

The World Series, however, can be a victory that puts a beautiful filter on the rest of a year’s occurrences, in sports, or, otherwise.  A defeat on the way to or in the middle of the October Classic can put a bad taste in your mouth that won’t go away, no matter how deep you go in the red during the offseason.

With the repairs made to the Phillies this winter; some massive overhauls, some minor tweaks, we no doubt are maintaining our composure as the dominant life force in the NL.  I feel comfortable enough, though perhaps a bit uneasy, to say we will be just as competitive, if not moreso, in 2010.

Well, kick that theory to the curb, says Las Vegas, and bash its head in with a brick.  Because apparently the Yankees are your 2010 world champions of baseball. has provided the totally normal and not at all pre-emptive odds on who will win this year’s World Series, and wouldn’t you know it, the Yankees have the best odds at 11/4.  Nipping at their heals are those adorable Red Sox with 11/2.  They were gracious enough to put us up there with the Sox at 11/2 odds for a Phillies title.

I mean, whatever.  No, I am not actually going to complain about Vegas odds.  In fact, if anything, this just makes baseball season seem all the more closer.  It seems like just yesterday I was biking down Broad Street dressed in a Phillies jersey and a Jason mask, handing out muffled screams and obscene gestures to every Yankees fan I saw, regardless of age.


Also, having your team eliminated from the NFL playoffs does a lot for your desire to see baseball again, too.

You especially can’t put a ton of credibility on these Vegas odds because people like the Cubs and Mets are given pretty good odds as well, at 18/1 and 14/1 respectively.  The site itself even mentions that the Cubs “never win the World Series” (as if its as easy as taking out the trash) and the Mets get votes “simply because they are in New York.”

Speaking of the Mets, here’s some lusty Jose Reyes news to feast your eyes on.

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