Angels Trying to Steal Phillies Rumors

Fernando Rodney, one of several thousand relievers mentioned in Phillies trade rumors in the past few weeks, is being mentioned in trade rumors this week.

According to reports, the Phils are waiting in line behind the Angels to try and yank the Tigers’ closer out of Detroit for some affordable backup to Brad Lidge.  The Angels have similar plans for the 32-year-old, wanting a setup and sometimes closer to give Brian Fuentes all the support he needs.

“Serious discussions” is what they’re calling the Angels’ crusade on Rodney, meaning that anyone in these meetings who cracks a joke or a smile will be asked to leave immediately.  Baseball can be tough like that.

So why a drop a consistent closing gig in Detroit to go play hand-holder for a couple of former aces that have suffered in the previous season?  Well, mainly because of cash money and to play for a team with a chance in hell at winning something.

“The Tigers might be okay!” the Detroit Free Press wants you to think.  Then they close the article with, “High among baseball’s beauties stands unpredictability. Who really knows what will happen in 2010?”

Ha, ha… yeah.  Groundbreaking.

Rodney’s got the highest ERA (4.40) for a reliever with 20 or more saves, but with financial limitations already squashing the life out of the Phillies, they should be happy to start building the bullpen, which is the only box not checked off on Ruben Amaro’s offseason to do list.

And to follow up yesterday, the King of Baseballtown was announced! It’s Carl Mathias.

Yeah, I don’t know.

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