If you can endure a face-crotching from Carlos Ruiz, you DO deserve an award.

Chris Coghlan Makes Off With ROY

Good thing I posted that last entry when I did, or I’d look like a real idiot.  Whew.

Chris Coghlan, the Marlins LF, took home the NL Rookie of the Year award, apparently just a dash or two ahead of J.A. Happ.  The final tally seems to be 105 first place votes to J.A.’s 94.

But Happ had a vote on all 32 ballots!  So… screw you, Coghlan.

In all seriousness, Coghlan put up some beastly numbers for the Marlins this year (.321/47 RBI/9 HR), ranking 6th in major league hitting.  That means he’s up there with the likes of Pujols and Howard and all those other guys who put the baseball pretty much wherever they want.

The Marlins, unlike some other NL East teams, have avoided falling down the steps the past few seasons, and are probably going to be right next to the Braves and possibly healthy Mets as they claw at our door in 2010.  You can bet Coghlan’s going to be a big part of that.

So, congrats.

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