Manny Ramirez Does Not Win Baseball Game

“OK, give Ramirez credit — his grassblade-high catch of Raul Ibanez‘s sinking line drive later in that sixth inning ended a Phillies rally, prevented the tying run to score and caused NLCS viewers everywhere to say, “Did Manny do that?”

Yes, he did. How, I don’t know.”

Hey, Gene Wojciechowski of  I know how he caught the baseball.  Um, he ran towards it with his glove extended. And then the ball was in his glove and the inning was over.

Seriously, could there be any more jerking off of Manny Ramirez in this series?

I’m not saying we need the recognition, but what is this saying about ESPN?  That we can trounce a team 11-0, then beat them with one out left 5-4, and still, THE LEAD STORY IS ABOUT MANNY GOD DAMN RAMIREZ?!

Excuse me, but the Philadelphia Phillies are a baseball team, whether people want to admit it or not.

Hey Gene, what do the Phillies have to do to win the NLCS?  Is it “Keep playing the way they’ve been playing”?

Thanks.  Thanks for noticing.  Thanks for noticing that the Phillies WON THE BASEBALL GAME and not that Manny Ramirez DID NOT.

More tomorrow.

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