Step Right Up and Kick the Mets While They're Down

  • Well, hello there, Mr. “I will double every god damn time I come to the plate even if it KILLS me,” Victorino.
  • I couldn’t even begin to describe the noise that came out of me when Jimmy made that diving stop, or when the 9th inning double play went down.  Something between a cough, choke, and the phrase “SICKNASTY!” being shouted, but all at the same time.
  • Raul Ibanez runs like an octopus.  That’s not an insult, unless you really, really hate octopi, but honestly, he is all limbs when he’s coming around third base.
  • I ran a poll a few weeks back where I asked who would turn it around first:  Cole, Matt Stairs, Raul, or Lidge.  Since then, we’ve seen everyone show evidence of a 180, with one notable, obvious exception, but even he has been yanked, so in a way, that counts too.  Point is, progress feels good.
  • So does beating the Mets, no matter what people (or I) say.  I don’t care if they’re a wounded duck, quacking softly and wandering slowly in a circle, waiting for death.  Still feels good to run up and kick ‘um.
  • Stay tuned on Monday for “Diary of a Mets Double Header,” which I will be attending.  It probably won’t be crazy or violent, so don’t bother reading it.
Im sure weve all seen it, but itll always be my favorite.

I'm sure we've all seen it, but it'll always be my favorite.

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