Martinez would be a productive plug, if he pitches up to expectations.

He Has Landed!

It has been reported that pitcher Pedro Martinez has landed in Philadelphia for his physical. If Martinez does after all pass the all important physical, then I would expect a comeback stint in Reading or Lehigh-Valley within the next week or so.

Most likely the Phils would offer Martinez a contract before the All-Star break is up, so they can get the wheels rolling and get Martinez into the starting rotation within 5-10 games of the second half.

I have to say though, if the Phils were to sign Martinez, it would probably minimize all of the hype of the Phillies going after Roy Halladay. If Pedro would pitch well in both his stints in the minors, and while he is inserted into the rotation, then the Phils would have no inclination to go and trade away their whole farm system to get Halladay. I’m sorry, but that just does not make sense to me.

On the other hand, if Pedro pitches like he did last year with the New York Mets, then the Phillies would most likely be more inclined, and be feeling more pressure to go out and get Halladay.

Pedro could be the one guy who could push the Phillies brass over the edge to get Halladay, and trade away anything and everything the Toronto Blue Jays want.


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